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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Armenia's Tourism Ranks 74th Worldwide

Maybe those nifty television advertisements didn't do the trick.
Armenia is the 74-th of 124 states in the international tourism rating list. Armenia is the third most popular tourist site among the CIS states and has disadvantage of only Georgia (the 66-th) and Russia (68-th).

The competitiveness of countries in the tourism sphere is defined by three main parameters – corresponding legislation, business area and infrastructures and human, culture and natural resources.

Armenia’s competitiveness mainly suffers from visa regime with the states whose citizens go touring most frequently, problems with nature protection, lack of local air and vehicle transportation infrastructures, etc.
The source also mentions that Switzerland is ranked first, while Chad is last.

I figure a good start would be to offer international-friendly tours to popular destinations. Oh, and fixing of the pot holes!

Source: Azg

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HM said...

Since this has nothing to do with actual tourist numbers, it's incorrect to assume the TV ads have had no effect.