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Sunday, February 11, 2007

High TV Advertisement Fees Angers Politicians

I find it amazing that there are so many ways to prevent democracy from taking place in Armenia. Here's exhibit 253B:
Its H1 TV channel’s per-minute fee for campaign ads has already been set at 80,000 drams ($220), up from $120 it charged in the run-up to the previous legislative polls. Most of the private networks will charge even more, despite boasting smaller audiences and being less accessible than H1. Their fees start from 100,000 drams ($280) per minute...

Leaders of the opposition Artarutyun (Justice) alliance and the National Unity Party claimed that the huge difference is the result of a deliberate government effort to keep the airwaves off limits for Kocharian’s cash-strapped opponents.
For our friends in the United States, that's the equivalent of 44 Starbucks Mocha Fraps per minute, or three pairs of hibiscus print Pucci shoes every ten minutes, or a fully loaded Audi A4 every three hours. Oh yeah, factor in that the average Armenian makes a fraction of that every month, and you get the picture.

With prices like that, I'd be upset, too!

Source: ArmeniaLiberty

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Anonymous said...

This issue is touched upon over at the new Center for Regional Development / Transparency International Armenia Election Monitor 2007 blog.

The specific post also details the results of campaign finance / media monitoring activities in this context from the 2003 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The blog is at . There is also a list of online resources for potential bloggers on the May election.